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Individual Therapy for Teens, College Students, and Adults with anxiety In Charlotte, NC

*Online therapy In North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia

I help older teens, college students, and adults with high ambition who struggle with high anxiety. I want to help you work towards setting healthy boundaries in relationships, decreasing perfectionism, and stopping people pleasing behaviors so you can build your inner strength and be your authentic self. 

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I offer online Counseling for anxiety in North Carolina, South carolina, and Virginia

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Who I Help and Support

On the outside, you are the picture of success. You are driven, social, seem well put together, and are often praised for being helpful. Despite being successful, hardworking, and seemingly happy, life behind the scenes is really hard for you.

You feel exhausted from overthinking and trying so hard to look put together. You feel like you need to have a clear direction of where your life is going right now. But you're terrified of going in the wrong direction and often freeze up when making decisions. 

You worry that you are not good enough and that at some point, people in your life (family, friends, partners) will catch on and reject you. You have FOMO, but are sometimes so full of self doubt that you avoid social interactions. You find yourself saying “yes” to people to avoid conflict, but then often feel used by others and mad at yourself for giving in. The thought of possibly disappointing others by saying "no" makes you feel guilty.


Who I Help and Support

Your high anxiety and fear of failure often gets in the way of the life you want in so many ways. You aren’t the confident and healthy person you want to be and see on your social media feeds. You feel like you are trailing behind your friends. And your confidence in yourself and your future continues to be shaky. 

You may be scared that you will seem crazy for worrying about these things. You feel that your concerns aren’t “important enough” for therapy. That others "have it worse than you." And you're nervous to open up to someone about your biggest fears and deepest insecurities

You ignore your own needs because you're too aware of what others need and expect from you. Anxiety and self doubt can make you second guess everything, even things that may help you feel better.  


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Hi! I'm Samantha

I help high achieving teens and adults who are experiencing anxiety while trying to manage life stressors (relationships changes, work/school stress, self esteem issues, etc). Anxiety can take over your life and feel all consuming. You don't have to figure it all out on your own! I provide online anxiety therapy in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. 

Being a goal oriented person who feels pressured to succeed is something I can relate to. I'm excited to meet you and help you work towards unlocking your best self through therapy!

Like my clients, you deserve to have confidence in yourself and have more clarity about who you are, what causes these feelings, and how to get what YOU want out of your life. Being successful at school/work, setting boundaries with others, and having more control over your thoughts is not out of your reach. 

You don't need to bottle up your emotions anymore or struggle on your own. If you want to work towards being your best self and live up to your full potential, I’d love to help you get there!

Set up a video consult call now. We can work on your goals together! 

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