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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Get Started

*Schedule a free 15 minute consult call with the time and date that fits your schedule 

*Before the call: You’ll be sent a brief questionnaire so we can make the most of the time on the call

*If we’re a good fit during the consult call, then we'll schedule your first official appointment

*Before the first session: You’ll be emailed forms, like consent forms, policies, and a longer questionnaire, for more clarity on your history, current feelings, and stressors. 

*During the first session: We’ll get to know each other! We’ll go over your life story, discuss how you’re feeling, and identify what you’d like to work on. If we both feel that we’re a good match, then we get you a regular appointment time on my schedule!

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Main Info


$140 for a 50 minute individual therapy session

Office Hours

I see clients from 11am-6pm, Monday through Thursday

Ages I work With

Ages 15 and up 

Take Insurance?

I don't take insurance, but I can provide a superbill for your insurance company 


What services do you offer?

How long do I need to be seen for?

It depends! Some clients come to therapy with one specific issue they want to work through and after a few months, they feel that they have gotten what they need, so they end therapy. Others spend years in therapy to work on themselves and maintain their progress. Clients tend to start with weekly sessions, then move to bi-weekly sessions as goals are achieved. Eventually, they may move to monthly maintenance sessions.

Do you take insurance?

I don’t. Insurances can be difficult to manage with extensive paperwork, session limits, high deductibles, and audits. I prefer for myself and clients to have more control over who they see and how often. You may have out of network benefits, meaning your insurance company may reimburse you for our sessions together. You will have to call your insurance company for additional information about your specific plan.

How do I find out if my insurance will reimburse me for therapy? 

You will have to call your insurance company to find out. Here is a list of questions to ask them to make the process easier:
1. Do I have out of network benefits for mental health? Does that cover telehealth sessions as well?
2. If so, what is my deductible and how much have I met so far this year?
3. Do I need a referral to see an out of network therapist?
4. How many sessions does my plan cover?
5. How do I get reimbursed? And how long does it take for it to process?

*If you do have out of network benefits, then I can provide you with a superbill, which is essentially a receipt of your session. You can send it to your insurance company for proof of services and then hopefully get reimbursed for a percentage of the session. 

When and how do I pay for sessions?

I use an electronic health record website that stores your credit card information so we don’t have to exchange payment info every time. The platform accepts all major credit cards. 

Is there a late cancel/no show fee? 

Yes. If you late cancel (less than 24 hours notice before your appointment time) or no show, you will be charged the full fee of $140. 

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