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About Me

Hey! My name is 
Samantha Newton

 *BA in Psychology
 *MSW, LCSW in NC, SC, and VA
 *Trained iN Brainspotting

I'm a mental health therapist based in Charlotte, NC (currently all telehealth). I help high achieving teens and adults who are experiencing anxiety while trying to manage life stressors, perfectionism, and self esteem issues. I provide virtual counseling across North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

Nice to meet you!

I’m Samantha. I’m tv show obsessed (especially if it’s a bad reality show, the newest Netflix show to binge in a weekend, or rewatching 90’s/2000’s teen tv shows). I love dogs more than anything and currently have two rescue pups that are beyond spoiled. I like reading dark, mystery books with twisty endings. I absolutely love being a therapist and cannot imagine doing anything else.

I grew up in Miami and earned my Bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of Miami. After taking a year off to gain more work experience in the field and really figure out what was next, I went to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte for my Master in Social Work degree. I have been working with teens and adults for the past 10+ years and LOVE it! 

Who I Work With

I work with older teens and adults who are struggling to figure out who they are. They are really hard workers and often seem like overachievers on the outside, but have a lot of self doubt and anxiety on the inside. Having struggled through my own late teens/early 20’s with trying to do everything right and spending a million hours plotting out my life path, I can completely relate to the struggles of those emotions. 

I have worked with many clients over the years who have amazing long term goals for their lives, but have no idea how to reach them. Their own fears and insecurities often get in the way of their success and although they recognize that, they can’t figure out how to change it on their own. 

How I Work

As an anxiety therapist in Charlotte, I make sure therapy isn’t boring and stuffy, like it is on tv/movies sometimes. I want it to be a great experience that you look forward to every week! You set the goals and the pace at which we get there. If you’re someone that needs an extra push sometimes, I got you.

If you like to take your time with things, we’ll work at that speed. If you want to talk through an argument you recently had that caused you stress, bring the receipts (texts/voicemails/screenshots) and let’s analyze it together. You are the expert on you! I just want to help you get to the place in your life you deserve to be at: happy, confident, successful, and healthy. 

My Approach 

I take a modern approach to therapy and see it as another version of self care. Some sessions may be really intense as we dive deeper into your emotions and others may be spent acknowledging everything that’s going well, and identifying how to keep it that way.

I like incorporating humor, pop culture, dog pics, whatever, into the sessions so we can really connect and do some great work together to help you unlock your potential.

Here is a blog post I wrote with more about how I work: https://thetherapysuitepllc.com/my-approach-to-therapy/ 

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