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Brainspotting Therapy

Online Brainspotting Therapy for Individuals in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia with Anxiety

*Based in Charlotte,NC; Currently all virtual

*For Teens, college students, and adults with anxiety

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What is Brainspotting? 

Brainspotting therapy was developed to help individuals get to the deeper parts of their brain to process stress, anxiety, mental blocks, and trauma. It involves using a pointer to find the spot in your visual field that is holding in the negative thoughts and feelings.

You first talk about the issue you are experiencing to activate it in your brain. You identify where in your body you're feeling the effects of the situation. You put on headphones/earbuds and listen to music at a low volume that stimulates the brain using bilateral sounds. Then, I bring out a pointer and we use it to find the spot in your vision that is holding all those pent up emotions and thoughts. Once we find the spot, you stare at the pointer and your brain does the rest! 

You may experience feelings in your body, memories may pop up, thoughts can resurface, etc. It means your brain is processing them and hopefully, those negative things will not longer impact you as deeply. 

Brainspotting with Online Therapy

There are a few things to know when preparing for a Brainspotting telehealth therapy session:

-You'll have a Google Meet link sent to you and you just have to click to join in at your appointment time 

-You'll need to be in a quiet and private place for your appointment

-Double check that your phone or computer is fully charged

-You will need a second device (phone/laptop/tablet) and headphones/earbuds in order to listen to the bilateral music necessary for Brainspotting 

-Sit in a comfortable spot so you can fully focus on the process 

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My Approach 

I help anxious overachieving teens and adults who are struggling to manage their relationships, their schoolwork/jobs, and self esteem. Usually this group of people have super busy schedules, sometimes too busy, so teletherapy is a great option for them. 

Brainspotting is a newer type of therapy that is fascinating and effective. It can take a few sessions to work through an issue. Usually people within this high achieving/high anxiety population have a lot of fears and self doubt. Brainspotting is a way to get to the root of those negative thought patterns and work towards decreasing them.

Online therapy has so many great benefits! I'm passionate about being able to do counseling in a convenient way for you. Most clients love being able to choose a space they're comfortable in for their appointment, especially when talking about tough topics.

It's also really likely that at some point, you'll see my own dogs (I have 2) pop up in a session. 

Virtual therapy has so many great benefits. Schedule your consult to experience it for yourself today. 

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