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Online Therapy in South Carolina

Virtual Counseling for Individuals in South Carolina with Anxiety

*Online therapy For Teens, college students, and adults with anxiety all across SOuth Carolina

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What Virtual Therapy is Like 

Online therapy is amazing because of the benefits it can offer for clients. It is proven that virtual counseling is just as effective as in person therapy. Here are some added perks:

-Comfort: You can have therapy in your own home, office, or car while having the session. You can have your pets with you, wear sweatpants, and you don't have to drive long distances. 

-Options: You're not limited by location, only seeing a therapist in your city. You can see any therapist licensed in South Carolina!

-Convenience: You can have therapy on your lunch break in your car/office. You can keep your therapist when you go to college across the state. Your parents don't have to drive you to sessions.

Telehealth Info

There are a few things to know when preparing for your online therapy session:

-You'll be sent a link to Google Meet and you log in when the session time starts

-Be in a private, quiet location for your session

-Make sure your phone or computer is charged

-You can't drive while having your session, so make sure you're parked if in the car or in a home or office

-Feel free to have your pets present so I can meet them (my favorite part of online counseling!)

Photograph: Unsplash 

Photograph: Unsplash 

*Link to South Carolina Behavioral Health Registration Website: https://llr.sc.gov/TeleHealth/SocialWork.html

My Approach 

I help high achieving college students and adults who are experiencing anxiety while trying to manage life stressors (relationships, work/school, self esteem). Usually this group of people are really busy with their everyday lives, sometimes too busy! If this sounds like you, virtual therapy may be the best option for you. 

Online counseling can be amazing! I love being able to provide therapy in a way that is really convenient and accessible for you. I've found that clients love being able to be in their own space for sessions. There's sometimes less pressure to "show up" with what they're wearing or look like.

If you have a home project you've been working on, got some fun gifts for your birthday, or are have been creating new artwork, then feel free to share them! I love seeing how my clients express are living their lives and spending their time.

You may end up seeing my own dogs (I have 2) since they like to pop up occasionally in sessions. 

Overall, online therapy provides multiple benefits, so get started today!

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