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Online Therapy in Virginia

Virtual Therapy for Individuals in Virginia with Anxiety

*For Teens, college students, and adults with anxiety across Virginia

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What Teletherapy is like 

Having virtual therapy can be awesome because of the benefits it can offer for clients. Research has shown that tele-therapy is just as effective as in-person sessions. There are a few bonuses for online therapy:

-Options: You are no longer limited to only seeing a therapist who lives in your city. You can actually see a therapist who is licensed in your state. They may even live on the opposite side of your state, but they can still provide you with counseling. 

-Location: You can have your session in your own home, car, while on vacation (in your state) or at your office. You can have your pets with you (my favorite part!), you can wear pajamas or sweatpants, and there's no need to worry about traffic and parking at an office. 

-Convenience: You can use your lunch break to have the session without missing work/school. You don't have to change therapists when you go across the state for college. Parents don't need to drive to sessions and then wait an hour. 

Telehealth Info

Here are a few tips to help you get ready for your online therapy session:

-First, you'll be emailed a link to Google Meet for your session and you just log in at the session start time 

-Make sure you're in a quiet location with privacy for your session

-Have your phone or computer charged up before the appointment 

-If in your car for the session, be parked. You can't drive during your session. 

-Bonus: You can totally have your pets present during the session so I can see them!

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My Approach 

I help high achieving and highly anxious teens and adults who are trying to manage life stressors (boundary issues, people pleasing, family problems). Tele-therapy works great for this group since they tend to have really busy lives. 

Online therapy is a great way to work on yourself! As a virtual anxiety therapist in Virginia, I think it's great to be able to have therapy sessions since it's so convenient. Many clients find that being in their comfort zone physically for sessions allows them to be more open emotionally. It may be that they feel less pressure to be someone else. 

If you have cool artwork you've created, a garden you've been cultivating, got some fun birthday gifts, then feel free to share them! It's really cool seeing more reflections of your personality. 

Since I will be at home for sessions as well, you'll likely see my 2 dogs pop up occasionally in sessions. I'm sure you will hear a bark or two at some point as well. 

Virtual therapy has so many great benefits. Let's get started today!

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