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Resources for Therapists

 Whether you're needing mentorship in your career, want support in creating your private practice, or want to upgrade your current business.

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Where You're At

You know you want to be a therapist, but are maybe unsure of which path to take to achieve those goals.

You may be a new graduate and want additional support outside of your relationship with your supervisor.

Or maybe you have you're a licensed therapist, but feel lost about what direction to take your career in. 

I offer consultations for therapists in multiple stages of their career. I was where you are at and craved additional support to help me make more informed decisions about what to do next.

Check out my resources below!

*Business Consultations*


Complete the Business Consultation Request Form HERE


Once I receive your completed form, I will reach out to you with times we can meet for the consultation and set up next steps!

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*60 minute Strategy Session  $175
 -Discuss goals, ask questions, receive guidance

*60 minute Website Review   $175
  -I'll look over your website and provide feedback


More Resources:
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