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I've written some blog posts with resources and information for individuals with anxiety or who want to learn more about therapy. I hope it helps!

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What is High Functioning Anxiety?

High functioning anxiety is a specific type of anxiety. Although there are many of the same features as other types of anxiety, individuals who have high functioning anxiety look and feel a little different. Here are some common symptoms of it: Workaholic People with high functioning anxiety are often extremely hardworking. On the outside, they […]

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Signs of a Quarter Life Crisis and How to Cope With it

Everyone has heard the term “mid life crisis”. However, over the last few years, researchers have identified that people in their 20’s/early 30’s can experience a quarter life crisis. It is such a pivotal time period for your identity development. There are a million changes that occur during that time period that set the tone […]

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5 Signs You May Have Anxiety

Anxiety is the most common type of mental health issue. The word “anxiety” is also used very frequently in everyday language, so it may be tough to determine if you’re just a worrier or if you legitimately have anxiety.  Here are a few of the most common symptoms of anxiety: Racing Thoughts You find it […]

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What To Expect in Your First Therapy Session

Making your first therapy appointment is amazing! It means that you’ve decided to make yourself a priority and are taking your mental health into your own hands. It can also cause anxiety since it means meeting someone new and telling them things that you may have never said out loud before. The first therapy session […]

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