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I've written some blog posts with resources and information for individuals with anxiety or who want to learn more about therapy. I hope it helps!

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What is Therapy for Teens Like?

There are so many areas of life that therapy can help with. Teens are in a really unique position in life of dealing with some of the biggest life transitions and pivotal moments anyone ever experiences in all categories: physically, socially, mentally, and emotionally. As an anxiety therapist for teens in Charlotte, NC, I’ve seen firsthand […]

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Why I Love Being A Mental Health Therapist

When you’re a kid, you fantasize about your job as an adult. Kids want to be astronauts, superheroes, doctors, whatever they’ve recently seen in a movie or show. It takes awhile to figure out what you want to be when you grow up that seems realistic . Some people spend a lot of time trying […]

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5 Goals for Therapy

Therapy is all about goals. As a licensed anxiety therapist in North Carolina and Virginia, I always ask my clients in the first session what their goals are for therapy. Most people start counseling because they know the they want to change something in their life or about themselves. It’s important to have goals that […]

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How to Tell Your Parents/Guardian You Want to Start Therapy as a Teen

Making the decision to start therapy is great! Everyone can benefit from it. The struggle of being a teen wanting therapy is that you need consent from your parents or guardian in order to start it. For some teens, their parental figures are easy to talk to and will completely understand. Other parental figures may […]

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Misconceptions about Therapy

There’s a lot of bad info out there about therapy. Whether it’s from movies, tv shows, fear of starting it, or people who have had bad experiences with it, there are many myths out there about therapy that just aren’t true.  Here’s a few common misconceptions about the therapy process: Myth: Only “crazy people” go […]

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Types of Therapy

When people hear the word “therapy”, they tend to associate it with individual therapy. However, there are multiple types of therapy out there. In order to determine which type(s) you may be interested in, here’s some info on what’s available out there: Individual Therapy Individual therapy is the same as one on one therapy. It […]

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Benefits of Online Therapy

Online therapy isn’t a new thing, but it has really gained popularity these last few years. Prior to Covid, some people were able to find a therapist who did virtual sessions. However, it was kind of rare. However, Covid made everyone transition to working from home quickly and all therapy sessions moved to a virtual […]

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What To Expect in Your First Therapy Session

Making your first therapy appointment is amazing! It means that you’ve decided to make yourself a priority and are taking your mental health into your own hands. It can also cause anxiety since it means meeting someone new and telling them things that you may have never said out loud before. The first therapy session […]

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